The Answer To 5G!

What brings us the new 5G technology?

According to science and research a faster Internet, thus better availability of data on the smartphone, the possibility of autonomous driving with appropriate security in real time. Data traffic between companies in unlimited scope and above all speed.

And many possibilities more .....

Sure, it is beneficial if cars can "talk" among themselves and a car that is currently in heavy fog can warn other cars that are driving straight at it, or if cars are warned of an accident is in a confusing curve.
And who does not want to arrive safely at the destination?

It is certainly advantageous if the forecasted turnover of shop operators on the Internet will increase because their pages are loaded faster and thus more is purchased via the smartphone. So far, according to statistics, many purchases on the Internet via the smartphone were aborted precisely because of annoyed customers, because the shop pages were loaded too slowly.

Surely it's great if we want to download a movie or software and then we do not have to wait for hours to get it done.

Surely it's great if .....

But at what price?

What does it cost us to get an allegedly safer car ride via the function of autonomous driving? Does it make sense to sacrifice millions of trees and shrubs on the roadsides at the expense of the diversity of insects, birds and small critters? And what about the previous sound, vision and glare protection through the trees and shrubs?

Do we really want to rely on machines for autonomous driving? On possible programming errors and software crashes or possible hacker attacks? Instead of using our entire experience to drive responsibly and consciously ourselves?

Do we really want to allow our mobility to be determined by "third parties", thereby enabled to switch off our engine at any time?

Is it really necessary to set up a cell phone transmission tower every 100 meters or hide it in lampposts? The new technology works in the frequency range of the microwave, just like our microwave oven in the kitchen. The effect is the same, only the intensity/transmission power is much lower. As a result, she is not so powerful and is allegedly "disturbed" by simple foliage. Therefore, the large number of transmission towers along the way to achieve the area coverage. So do we really want to accept to be "even cooked" to get home? So to speak, "ready to eat" for our partner?

Is it necessary to sacrifice ancient and partially protected trees in wonderful parks because they are in the way of being able to download a movie or chat with friends for hours instead of talking to them directly?

Or is there something completely different behind this technique? Something that has nothing to do with the given usage?

And why is it in such a hurry to introduce it coverage and WORLDWIDE. For the cost of billions!
Supposedly even 20,000 satellites should be shot into space!

Why is there no official scientific study and documentation on what 5G does to our health? Well, these studies are there, but not for the civilian area, but for the military area, because it was originally developed for it. These studies are very clear and prove 100 percent what 5G does to the enemy, and thus can do with us, e.g. Dizziness, psychological interference, sudden undefined pain, heat, panic attacks, depression and even suicide. Because the military is generally known to do no half things and is satisfied with "maybe results" or shoots with cotton balls to hold a potential enemy.

Or should we be monitored at every turn, in "real time"? Because that's what the rays can do - look through the walls. And especially tracking and even identifying moving objects in open terrain. This is already a reality in Japan.

5G has been proven to damage our DNA. And the lower the radiation intensity, the more damaging it is in the long term.

During the Cold War, the American embassy in Moscow was irradiated with microwave radiation at incredibly low intensity for years to come. The result was that the employees working there had a much higher cancer rate than the rest of the American population.

When the radiation intensity is high, the human, through the so-called "protein 53" and the "nuclear pore complex", has a built-in natural repair mechanism that comes into effect when the intensity of the radiation is high. If the radiation intensity is correspondingly low, this repair mechanism will not be activated despite irradiation. Man becomes ill and/or develops cancer in the long run. Slowly but surely.
That's what the 5G radiation will do to us.

Does someone want to make us sick consciously and in an imperceptible way and without having the possibility to prove the causes? Who could want that? It would be even better to ask, to whom does it serve?

Questions over questions .....

I know that sounds very much like conspiracy theory, but in retrospect, almost every conspiracy theory has turned out to be true, with the appropriate objective research.

Here are a few sources in YouTube, such as the discussions in the US Senate prove.
1. Senate examines 5G security concerns
2. Senator Blumenthal (D-CT) 5G Safety Statement, 3. December 2018

Here is a current example from Europe:
1. 5G experiment fails and hundreds of birds die in Den Haag, how dangerous ist 5G for humens? *)

Interview with a former British microwave weapons specialist:
1. Dr. Barrie Trower (part 1/2): Destruction of humans, animals and nature through 5G radiation | 30.03.2019 *)
2. Dr. Barrie Trower (part 2/2): Microwave radiation can manipulate weather and people... | 31.03.19 *)

*) This video is in German, but there is the possibility in YouTube on the settings to display English subtitles, so that at least an understanding can be achieved, what is at stake.

**) The original subtitled videos (#3 through #5) have already been censored by YouTube, assumed that the content was probably "sensitive" enough to delete them. Usually, a reason is given why the video is not available (for example, "deleted by the owner", or "violates performance rights in your country," etc.), but there is no comment why, which seems very misterious.
Therefore here the variant with "Italian subtitles". The voice recording is in English and there is either the possibility in YouTube on the settings to display English subtitles, so that at least an understanding can be achieved, what is at stake.

Do your own research and make yourself cognizant.
Knowledge is power, not knowing makes you sick in the long run, yes, it is even dangerous here!

We probably will not be able to prevent 5G.

But everyone,
who is awake and aware and takes responsibility for himself and his life,
can and should do something for himself and his loved ones,
to protect himself and them from it.

Because no matter what the cause of the technically radiation is:
ELF waves ("extreme low frequency")
High-frequency radiation
Cell phone radiation
DECT Phone

Protection is necessary and
on the other hand, a "herb" has grown against!

We are working on "THE" solution! (~)

A solution ...

  • ... that can efficiently blocks the 5G and all previous artificial radiation sources and creates a neutral energetic environment in which you can stay and feel good

  • ... which does not "outshone" the sources of interference with a "far too much" energy and thus becomes a "source of radiation" by itself in the long term, as many other such products do

  • ... for the harmonization of your own personal biological environment - your body

  • ... which can have a harmonizing and calming effect on your nervous system and the body cells, without dampening or interfering with manipulation

  • ... for your sleeping place, which can promote your relaxing and regenerating sleep

  • ... for your concentration-promoting work and learning space that can keep you awake and inspired, and can bring you faster closer to your desired success

  • ... for your energetically harmonized living space (house, flat), in which you feel mentally and physically well and fit and can be safe from "foreign influence"

  • ... which can have a harmonizing effect on the total room energy in the affected area

  • ... if you travel a lot and still want to enjoy your harmonized and radiation-free environment

  • ... for your relaxed car driving, which can support your attention and concentration

  • ... which blends discreetly and visually unobtrusive, seamlessly into your living and working environment

  • ... which does not harm the environment, neither in production and certainly nor in use

  • ... which only works in your "sovereign territory" and you do not have to be afraid to "harass" or "support" others with it (unwarranted coercion of third parties is therefore excluded)

!!! And this "herb" will grow and prosper !!!

Are you interested in what you can do for yourself and your health in the face of 5G?

We will keep you informed and keep you up to date with the "herb growing against 5G" and when it becomes available.

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